Fellowship on how to increase the effectiveness of the testimony/prophesying

---By CK Jen, 2020/11/12

In the church life during gatherings of many saints majorities of the contents of the testimonies/prophesies of the saints, indeed, are prepared seriously and diligently in the Lord, in the spirit, in the words (contents), and in love. However, many speakers may not pay carefully considered attention to the receptive rate of the audience concerning their speaking. At least at McGill University, it is not the professors but the students who evaluate how good the professors teach. That is, the professors (of course they have a lot of preparation for their classes) need to pay attention to what his or her students need and can absorb concerning his or her teaching materials. It is often necessary to ask them and have their feedback. It is not only the professor who needs to do his best and pay attention to how rich and sound he or she teaches, but also how much do the students learn from his or her teaching. This is the responsibility of teachers and also their reward.

I asked one of my companions and he served the Lord full time more than ten years whether he has carefully check the receptivity of the saints, the audience, after his prophesying. He said that he did not. That is why I am writing this gleaning. Please see below that in the New Testament the Greek word of "effective" appears (G1756 "3 times" + G1754 "21 times" + G1753 "8 times")32 times in total, which make me to pay strong attention to this issue. If not careful, we often consider "effective" is a worldly speaking (or view point), in the church life it is enough to emphasize on in the Lord, in the spirit......, but to me such one may have made a not-so-small mistake, in particular, during a large gatherings of many saints such as the Lord's Day and gospel meetings at Montreal.

1 Corinthians 16:9 For a great and effective(G1756)door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.

G1756;3 times; active, operative, effectual, powerful

2 Corinthians 1:6 Now if we are afflicted, it is for your consolation and salvation, which is effective (G1754) for enduring the same sufferings which we also suffer. Or if we are comforted, it is for your consolation and salvation.

G1754; 21 times; to be active, to be effective, to be mighty in

Ephesians 4:16 from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective (G1753) working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.

G1753; 8 times; efficiency (energy), operation, strong, (effectual) working.

A: In the presence of many saints (Lord's Day or gospel meetings) it is effective to use Power Point (PPT) for the testimony/prophesying

At Montreal during the face to face Lord's Day meetings (many saints ~140) concerning the listening of the testimonies and prophesies of the serving ones the receptivity of the saints (who may have their small children with them) sitting at the last four rows is, in general, ~10%. Later, because I often asked them, then the receptivity increased to ~20%. Naturally, the saints sitting in the first two rows pay good attention to the speakers (>90% they do not use Power Point "PPT"; because the preparation of the outlines or contents of their testimony/prophesy already takes a lot of time). After the meeting, the speakers may often fellowship with the saints who sit in the front rows ((they focus on the listening, may know the bible and the speaker more) and ask them whether they have received something profitable to them. Of course, they did, hence the speakers were encouraged and felt that their speaking was effective. But in the church life at Montreal, the saints and friends who need the help and supply the most may be those sitting in the last four rows. If the serving ones are not careful, because they could not receive much during such a large meeting, after a short period of time, they will not come to the gathering anymore. In particular, during this Cov19 pandemic situation, all the church gatherings are held using Zoom, we do not know the exact situation of the saints who are at their home.

To use PPT for presenting the testimony/prophesying not only increases the focus of the speaker, but also enhances considerably the receptivity of the audience, especially during large gatherings. There is a reason why the teachers mostly use PPT for their teaching in the classrooms (It is also believed that the PPT is normally used in the working places during their presentation as well). (Brother Titus does not use PPT, but he has the gift to speak, and provides the saints always a detailed outline of his speaking. Also during his speaking he repeats again and again concerning his burden given in his outline. After his messages there are also review meetings helped by his co-workers, therefore his supply is effective without using the PPT. But in the local church life gathering, such as Lord's Day meeting at Montreal, very possible the speaker for the testimony/prophesy does not have the much time and gift to speak and the audience are common saints without much heart to pursue and life of Christ.

In addition, when one makes the PPT, there is also a need to pay a good attention concerning how to "blue" each slide. Mostly, the slides of PPT used in the church meetings contain lots of words including Bible verses, and one can also use bold, color and other means to highlight the words which were the burdens given by the Lord. In addition to the listening the audience can also "see" with the enhancing functions of the PPT so as to increase their receptivity and gain more of Christ. Some speakers are used to write an outline of their speaking (somehow emphasizing the completeness) in one slide and then speak one point at a time and continue to the end. But one may consider more for the saints who are relatively young in the church life to put one short and concise burden in one slide at a time because these saints who certainly "see" and "hear" the words, however, they may only be able to digest the contents of one burden or two. Thus one burden given in one simple slide may be more effective to these saints. It also means to make more slides which may increase the efforts of making and a little bit more operation during presentation. Certainly, to use proper pictures or figures in the PPT to highlight the burden may increase the receptivity of the saints. For the older saints the word of relative large size in the PPT may be helpful. Another point is that "PPT" with a beautiful background does not guarantee its "effectiveness".

B: Normally when one speaker who presents the testimony/prophesying pays attention to richness and completeness (of his burden) of his speaking, but does he consider the receptivity (receiving effective ness of the general audience, in particular, the saints who are young in the church life)?

During the Lord's Day gatherings at Montreal or large gatherings consisting of the saints in different cities such the gospel meeting involving four localities (Montreal,Ottawa,Edmonton and Calgary) the speaking of the Lord's servants certainly will emphasize on the richness and completeness of their burdens given by the Lord. Indeed, their speaking is proper and profitable for the saints. However, if the church is not careful to educate the saints concerning how to testify and prophesy, a.the common saints in the church life may fall into a trap to emphasize on "richness and completeness" of their speaking in their early church life without realizing that the church only give them about 1/10 or 1/5 amount of time (hence often they speak fast that reduces the effectiveness) given to the Lord's servants, b. we do not have much the opportunities and experiences of practising the speaking of testimony/prophesying (and the gift of speaking), the receptivity of the general audience (effectiveness) may be reduced much. Therefore during the Lord's Day gathering at Montreal no matter using Zoom or not one may need to realize that within the limitation of the time and the experience and the gift to speak, it is not easy for us to present a rich and a complete speaking concerning a burden. My suggestion is that, especially toward the saints who are young in the church life, please use PPT to present your testimony/prophesying and only fellowship one or two simple points which Lord has given to you and write down these points in a clear and precise way. This could be a good and graduate learning and practice. Often the serving ones in the church life pay good attention to richness and completeness of his or her speaking, and it causes the saints who are young in the church life does not have the courage to present their testimony/prophesying and such a result may be a great obstacle for the testimony of the church to grow. Therefore, even the experienced speakers during the local church meetings it is good to often practice to speak one or two simple burden at a time, in this way, the young saints are encouraged to practice their presentations in the same manner. Also in this way there is more time for more saints to participate the speaking. Certainly, during the gatherings when we accompany a small number of the saints, if time allows, the richness and completes of our speaking concerning the burdens given by the Lord are preferable, however, PPT may be still needed during Zoom meetings.

The number of the saints who have burdens and can afford diligently to serve the church in Montreal is not high, and their time, ability, physical strength, life and gifts are also limited. It is known well that in the church life any operation has pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages). For example, how to take care of many people and in the meantime to raise up pillars is not easy. Therefore it requires the Lord to give a clear burden and leadership, together with a church service team to work together in one accord to operate, then that is more "effective", but the details are not given in this writing.

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