The Grace Counting of the church of God in Montreal in 2021


1. More than 30 sisters had 3-persons groups who pray, fellowship and read the Bible together; they change the group members once a month, everyone became familiar and intimate.

2. There was the Watch Tower prayers on Monday to Friday 12:45 - 1:15 pm.

3. One Chinese speaking (C) sister over the age of 40 was raised up (joined the service team of the church),two sisters were restored (to participate in church gatherings at least three times a week);one family and two English/Frrench-speaking (E/F) sisters were raised up.

4. Many parents of 40- yrs old family accompanied children to pray (often at meal times) and speak Bible stories or read Bible.

5. Brother Jesse Young and Sister Xie Cheng Qinghua participated in the C 10-month pursuing.The messages of Brother Titus improved the revelations, enjoyments and living of Christ's life of the 5 senior saints (via You Tube connection).

6. Young sisters led 2:30 - 4 pm LD E/F gatherings; there was an increase of one family and two local F saints.

7. On Dec. 26 morning the church celebrated God's family reunion using Zoom. There were online video clip greetings of each person ~10s or each family ~20s, photos and short presentations of 9 groups which were young people aged 3-7, 8-12 and 13-17, E, F, and C aged 40+ brothers, 40+ sisters, 40- brothers, 40- sisters; plus several saints and families (moved out from Montreal). ~227 people in total participated.

8. Two C sisters were baptized.

9. The financial grace offering was healthy. There was a $40,000 US offering to support Brother Titus' ministry to spread the testimonies in US.

10. In addition to the weekly prayers, fellowships and Bible readings of spiritual companions, the church has a service team of ~34 saints, there were two C groups on Monday evenings for Bible reading and fellowship; C prayers (about 55 minutes) and fellowships Tuesday night; C sisters gathering on Wednesday night; three localities prayers and fellowships in E and F (about 60 minutes; three localities) Thursday night; three C groups gathering Friday night; Saturday morning; C brothers and sisters separated gathering for prayers and fellowships. C hymn singing Saturday night 8 pm - 8:50 pm.

11. On LD there was C gathering in the morning and E/F gathering (three localities) in the afternoon.

12. There were church services to 3-7 yrs old (LD morning), 8-12 yrs old (Saturday evening) and 13-17 yrs old (once every two weeks; E/F).

13. There were four C large groups (40+ brothers, 40+ sisters, 40- brothers, 40- sisters) to care for each other and other saints and friends.

14. There were more than 100 writings concerning saint'testmonies, Bible study inspiration and Bible home works in the church website.

15. There were Gospel fellowship gathering near every month and 4-localities gospel meeting about every four months.

16. There were 12 C and E serving brothers at the other localities to fellowhip, using Zoom, the revelations and burdens of brother Titus' messages during conferences and trainings in US and be blended with the saints in Montreal.

17. 12 saints attended the Sweet Savor E/F bible classes, in particular, the E and F classes offered by brother Antipas Desai at Chicago. Brother Antipas also supported the E/F prayers and fellowship gathering every Thursday night.


The Grace Counting of the church of God in Montreal in 2020

1. Total 8 brothers and sisters were baptized.

2. Chinese speaking saints are divided into four big groups to serve and support the saints in their ages.

3. Five pillar families and five pillar saints under the age of 40 were raised up (they attend at least 5 Zoom meeting per week).

4. 3 pillar saints over the age of 40 were raised up and 4 were revived (attending church gatherings at least 3 Zoom meetings per week); (7 all were sisters).

5. Many families under the age of 40 accompany their children to pray and read Bible every day.

6. Brother Titus' 20 Visions and Revelations messages which enhance the saints' seeing, enjoying and living.

7. The financial grace offering grace grows healthy.

8. Young service teams (Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton) were established for young people aged 13-17 years old.

9. More than 10 sisters began to have the habit of writing down inspirations given by the Lord; Within the whole year there have been more than 100 written gleanings submitted to the website.

10. It was established that the saints at three cities (Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton) were gathered in English and French speaking on Thursday night and LD afternoon.

11. It was established that there was a gathering in French speaking every two weeks toghether with the West African saints.

12. There started a gospel gathering from the saints in four cities (Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary)in June.

13. The messages of visions and revelations have been translated into French and provided to the saints in West Africa.

14. Young sisters started to sole lead 3 pm - 4 pm LD after E/F gathering.

15. From December, Monday to Friday between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm there started watch-tower prayers gathering.

16. There started Saturday afternoon French and English Bible reading sessions; after the English meeting, a brief summary is provided after the meeting and submitted to the website.

17. There started a gathering of Chinese hymn singing between 8 pm and 8:50 pm every Saturday night.

18. From November, there started monthly one-hour gatherings of gospel fellowship with gospel friends.

19. There started a 30 minutes Bible reading in Chinese/English every week, and a brief summary is provided after the meeting and submitted to the website.

20. In 2020 there were more than 20 servants of the Lord blended with us using Zoom.

21. No any Montreal saints had Covid19.

22. Near 30 saints attend Sweet Savor School classes.

23. Three families (one is a pillar family) moved to Ottawa due to pandemic situation and they quickly entered into the church llilfe in Ottawa with joy and providing services, and they are blended well there.

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