Testimony concerning sister Pauline

---By Antipas Desai, 2022/09/06

I first met sister Pauline when I moved to Montreal with my family in 2006, and attended my first Sunday morning church gathering. I remember seeing a sister with a notebook in her hand, going up to people and meticulously writing down their contact information. Such an exercise of writing down names to follow up with the new people and guests, and praying for them, has stayed with me, and impacted my Christian life. Here was a sister who was not a hit-or-miss believer, but followed the Lord with a written plan. The fundamental practice of writing down names spoke volumes of her diligence and her attention to detail. She was a diligent and effective shepherd.

I also had the privilege of preaching the gospel with the saints in Montreal every Sunday afternoon at the Angrignon metro station. If I could preach the gospel every Sunday, I felt quite satisfied. Sister Pauline also preached the gospel. However, she not only preached the gospel herself or with other sisters, but she led and accompanied newer sisters to preach the gospel. She was a true evangelist in life and practice, but she was also an evangelist who perfected others to preach the gospel with her, and eventually begin to develop not merely the practice of preaching the gospel, but a living of the gospel.

I am not an evangelist. But I learned from sister Pauline that I can preach the gospel, that I can contact people, and write their names down, to pray for them, and accompany them. I thank the Lord for His mercy in allowing me to witness such a testimony of gospel living and shepherding, so that I can grow and be perfected in my church life.

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